Lídia Patricia Tomé, Maria Filomena Mendes

Universidade de Évora
Aluna de Doutoramento
Rostock Alemania

Different cohorts and different periods mean different fertility?

Resumen: Is fertility in Portugal different from the European context? Is Portugal a particular situation, is only a transitory moment of postponement, or is a logical consequence from the socio and economical context? To understand the Portuguese (and European) context of fertility is important to comprehend the probable cause-effects that are now influencing fertility, such as tempo and quantum effects in the period and the postponement and recuperation in the cohort, keeping in mind the deep impact of massive education and labour market participation of women.
The overall objective of this study is to contribute to the fertility research by exploring in the last two decades the period and cohort dynamic of European fertility, with special attention to Southern Europe and the particular case of Portugal. The aim of this study is also to investigate and explain the transitions to motherhood as well as transitions to the second birth, providing new insights between period and cohort fertility, educational attainment and labour market participation.

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